A Confessional – Share your theatre sins / Speak the unspeakable / Voice your secret fears & desires

Convener(s): Chris Goode

Participants: No names, no pack drill J

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Wanting to hold open a space for people to say the things that are difficult to say but that, once you say them, it turns out lots of other people have secretly been feeling the same thing…

All undertaken under a vow of confidentiality so nothing can be reported…

Actually it kind of turned in to swapping of embarrassing anecdotes, but that was fine. The fun of sharing, the laughter of release.


Two significant findings:

One: It’s really important for us to have this kind of space and to trust each other with our insights and experiences, even – or especially – when it’s hard stuff to voice. The person in the room with the most power is the person with least to hide. 

Two: The BSL sign for ‘bollocks’ is awesome.


& love for all