A bit lonely/It's hard meeting people, isn't it?

Sophia Clist, 1 September 2012

Sophia Clist, Rose Biggin, Ged Stephenson, Paul Vincent, Monique Luckman, Emily Williamson, Matthew Hammond, Jill Lamede and Wilberforce, Shang Wolfland, Martin Rease, Kelly

Sorry if I've spelt anyone's name wrong.

Note taking and talking and listening do not go hand in hand I find!

My question came out of being newish to the South West. I want to meet people because I want to get to know and work with other artists.

The group met Wilberforce, a giant mouse who Jill takes everywhere. Wilberforce pulled focus for a while. Puppets do that.

It is good to meet and hang out with other artists, hear about what other people are up to, to feel inspired. And to do it without expectation.

Wide Awake Devon is doing a great job at bringing people together over issues and just to meet up. Events could happen more often, bi-monthly or seasonally.



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