700 dolls to bring peace to 7 billion people

regina mendes, 27 January 2013

Ellis , Hugh, Mandy, Amelia and Aimee attended the session.

There are already 300 dolls done.

They are all stuffed with our old pillows which are full of dreams.

They also have a heart.

Dreams and a heart.

Write down on your hand ‘ bring the pillow ’

Please email me if you want to give the project your own or your children/mom/dad/relatives/friends...old pillow.

There are still 400 dolls to be done so I need lots of dreams to stuff them.

Thank you!

[email protected]

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Chris Grady, 27 January 2013

Regina - if anyone has a picture of one of the dolls it would be lovely to get it on the DandD8 site.

Kath is on pillow duty for us We will dream lots for you

With love and enormous congratulations for getting this far



Phelim McDermott, 31 January 2013

Regina I've uploaded a small video to this report of the dolls being made at D&D8 clock the link to see it.