700 dolls to bring peace to 7 billion people

Convener(s): Regina Mendes

Participants: Alan Lyddiared, Sarah Samson, Angela Clerkin, and Cris Grady.


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

We talked about making at least 700 dolls with the intention that they should represent the 7 billion people of the planet. I guess this idea has to do with the theory of quantum physics which says that through the mind there is an instantaneous communication. The limits imposed on material bodies through their physical separation are not there for the mind. So making these dolls here in the UK will allow someone in any place on the planet to be touched by the intentions of who are making them. All positive thoughts and feelings will go to every person through this process. Love knows its own way. It will know where to go in the planet. You don't need to fake any feelings with your mind. You can just imagine the doll as the representation of humankind. The moment you feel your own heart exactly the way it is, you will connect with life and in this process you are sending love to our partners on the Earth.

So the process of doing these dolls is the soul of this project. Therefore I think the result as an installation can have a very positive impact on us. Probably the final stage will be to deliver the dolls around the world.

Alan came with the idea of asking people here in D&D to start making the 70 first dolls. I have already done 7 so we will complete with 63 more. And we carry on in doing them to reach 700.If the project goes further then maybe we continue until we reach 7000, then 70 000, 700 000, 7 000 000 and so on until we reach 7 billion dolls. At that point each of us in this planet will be represented by a doll which has been made with love.

I am sure this will bring feelings of peace for all of us which of course will bring peace to our planet, family, friends, animals...

We will do a pattern and instruction sheet explaining how to make the doll and how to insert a not broken fabric heart in it. We will send the model and detailed instructions by internet and everyone is invited to make as many dolls as they want. As soon as they finish them, they can post them to Regina's address.

After our session I understood that we don't need a base at this moment as we will work in our own houses. This is great! I'll bring the dolls I have already made on Monday morning to show how they look like.

Here we are, starting a radical action to change and save our planet and ourselves.



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