Convener(s): Nick Sweeting

Participants: Various – 20+

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

The place of culture in the Olympics - change of perception for London 2012

“A must have” Jaques Roegge (Beijing 2006)

Central Themes and Projects:

- Mandatory – opening and closing ceremonies; medals and team welcoming ceremonies

- Central Projects – eg Olympic Carnival; World Cultural Festival

- Changes within certain themes – eg The Friend Ship – now a virtual project

Cultural Offer:

  • Lack of borders between arts and sports
  • Idea of Promise/Potential
  • Offering an Open Space

What the artist should consider:

  • What does the Olympics offer them
  • Ways of engaging with core activities
  • Legacy


  • The Consultation process is closed
  • A disconnect between LOCOG and the industry
  • If you can’t get in the room….
  • Arts/Sports – the balance – who’s giving to whom
  • What’s the role of young people
  • What is the Olympics not doing? What is the place of artists who don’t want to be involved.

Action points:

Write to Bill Morris –

Keep the Space Open

Hold a Public meeting – RFH – moment in time – transparency – What is Our Role?