2009: Unemployed? Who wants to play?

Convener(s): Pia Furtado and Kate Golledge

Participants: Pia, Kate, Ellis Kerkhoven, Michelle Reader, Clare Beresford, Jen Lunn, Rob Haughton, Alan Wen, Stuart Taggart

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

No agenda.

Discussion of forthcoming or dream projects, what is missing, what we need, what we can offer.

Rob offering services as producer/ marketing

Ellis written a play – looking for puppeteers, musicians, actors for workshop of it at 503

Can we work in an unconventional way to make work over eg 5 months rather than being mentally bound by the ‘rules’ that exist in the institutions we have worked in? (6 weeks rehearsal, Mon – Fri etc etc)

SPACE is an ongoing problem.

In New York there is a tradition of shop front theatre/performance art happening all the time in shop windows etc. Creates a buzz and something interesting for people to look at when they are on their way home from work!

Notion of theatre for all – it’s a big deal to see a person in a window.

Clare did a similar piece all over Canterbury but it’s hard top get people to trust theatre makers – WHY?

What would be the red tape for the owners of buildings to let us use them for our purposes?

Idea to create a huge work of art nationwide in and around all the empty Woolworths stores. What was Woolworths to you? Did we let it down by not buying enough from there and need to give something back?

What would we do with space if it could be acquired? Notion of HIGH STREET THEATRE.

The end. We all disbanded to spread the word.