What could a large-cast piece for women look like?

Generally we agreed it's interesting to show a range of women, with diverse backgrounds.
There are companies that gender swap plays with lots of roles for men (e.g. Omidaze etc do all-female Shakespeare) but there's not much work designed by women/about women. With gender swaps, unless you're telling a new story we questioned what the point would be.. For example Queen Lear added a generally different perspective. But where women are playing male characters, it doesn't necessarily do anything new, for example a production of Posh with women wasn't perceived to have gone well. Roles could be gender neutral - simply by casting them all as women it would be a statement.

It would be good to see something that doesn't just discuss being a woman, e.g male-led plays can be about anything.
it would be good to see about strong women, not just about being female. For example after CSI lots more women became forensic scientists.
We also spoke about the importance of intersectionality and the need to specify different groups in any callouts to attract a diverse group of performers.

What large-cast/interesting female led pieces are out there?
People mentioned:

Blurred Lines
Wild Bore
Mary Stuart
The Good Sisters
The Suppliant Women
Women of Twilight

What kinds of spaces/worlds would be interesting to set a piece in?
The group mentioned the Barbershop Chronicles - in this the barbershop is a space for men to express their feelings.
There's not a clear equivalence for women. So we discussed interesting/atypical spaces to explore with a female cast. Ideas included:
Army barracks

We also mentioned musicals as an interesting form for large-cast pieces, as the pace is less likely to drop.

Who would be the audience?
We wondered whether women-led pieces might struggle to find an audience. E.g. people who'd produced work with women at the heart of the story had feedback from men that they weren't engaged be it. But equally people in the group were passionate about seeing this kind of work.