Devoted & Disgruntled: What are we going to do about theatre?

Our first ever Devoted & Disgruntled event.Read more

D&D Satellite: What The Hell Is BAME? Let’s Explore A Better Language To Talk About Ethnic Diversity

AN INVITATION FROM ABE POPOOLA, ACTOR. I'm an actor just graduated from RADA and have been frustrated with the homogenisation of people of colours and their diverse stories within dramatic art.Read more

D&D Satellite: What Are We Going To Do About The Gap Between Commercial And Subsidised Theatre?

I'm Miranda Debenham and I'm a small scale subsidised producer and marketer. I'm at the start of my career and I'm already frustrated by the gap I see between the commercial and subsidised sectors. It seems to me that there is a giant chasm between the two groups, but that if they could work together both sides could improve their work, and improve our whole industry! Maybe I could even stop referring to them as sides.Read more

D&D Satellite: How Can New & Existing Networks Help Support Artists & Arts Organisations Working With Disability?

We are DISCO DISCO - a new theatre company of artists with disabilities, born out of Club Soda in Croydon and led by Drunken Chorus. We are relative newcomers to the disability arts scene. We’re learning all the time, and we want to connect with other organisations working in disability arts, and with artists and companies with disabilities to work on how we can all connect and support each other: to make friends, connections and future collaborations.Read more

D&D: What Action Should We Take To Make Sure Hull's Performing Arts Scene Keeps Buzzing, After 2017?

How will we all keep Hull's performing arts scene alive and kicking after the bunting comes down?Read more

Devoted & Disgruntled: How Do We Make Great Outdoors Arts?

For the fourth year running we look forward to welcoming artists and other creative individuals to our Outdoor Arts Creation Space.Read more