25 - 27 February 2012

Devoted And Disgruntled 7

York Hall, Bethnal Green

Do you love theatre?

Do you find it frustrating?

Do you wish it were different?

Do you feel like an outsider in your own profession?

Have you just started out and need support?

Have you been in the profession for years and feel jaded?

Is your sector always left out of the discussions?

Do you usually dread discussions and meetings?

Are you looking for a sense of: community, eldership, mentorship?

Are you looking to change things?


What are we going to do about theatre?

“The annual Devoted and Disgruntled open space….keep the dates free; it’s the most energizing event in the theatre calendar.”

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

This February will see the 7th Devoted and Disgruntled annual event.

D&D was born out of an invitation I made back in January 2005 because I was frustrated with the theatre world I worked in not being all that great at communicating with itself. I wanted to improve that, to find new ways for us to connect to each other and bring about change.

Now, 7 years on, in these times of economic scarcity it is more important to me than ever to maintain a space that is open for possibility and optimism, a space which engenders a depth of discussion and creativity other events don’t give. D&D is not just about debate, it’s about authentic conversations: a place where we can be surprised by as yet unimagined solutions, relationships and creative collaborations. D&D provides a genuine opportunity to follow impulses, find support, gain new insights, share knowledge, make things happen.

I want to invite the people who have never been before, the people that come every year, the people that keep on meaning to come and never quite manage it, the people that came once and thought that was that, the people that have come to one of our D&D Satellite events and never been to the big annual one.

Improbable will again open and hold the space for this event but it isn’t our event. D&D belongs to the people that turn up, to the community that has grown over the last 7 years and continues to grow.

D&D is not designed for any particular sector of the theatre community, simply for those who choose to turn up. It’s your event, open to anyone. So this year I’m inviting you to make an invitation and to publish it here.

Let me know, and let other people know:-

Why you come to D&D?

Why somebody else should come to D&D?

Why D&D is important to you and important for theatre?

Publish your invitation here, and check back to read the invitations others have written:


See you there,


Phelim McDermott

Co-Artistic Director, Improbable

Booking for this event has now closed.