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Writers! Whether or not you are a WGGB member, whatever you write, and however much or little writing experience you have..

Jenifer Toksvig and Gary Thomas, on behalf of The Writers Guild of Great Britain, invite you to a gathering of writers and Guild staff, to work on the question:

Writing: what do you need, and what can you share?

My name is Jen, and I write theatre and poetry. I need to know when opportunities are actually opportunities, and I need constructive feedback on my work.

My name is Gary, and I write books, film and TV. I need a supportive group of writers, and I need to know when legal agreements are fair and good.

Actually, we both need a lot of things, large and small. The needs of writers is something of a continuous and ever-changing journey.

You will have your own specific needs, of course. They might be huge ones, like how impossible it is to get work made these days, or tiny ones, like whether this line of dialogue is working.

This is an invitation to bring any or all of those needs, to see if someone can give you a hand.

As for sharing things with others, you will certainly have things you can offer: some company; the sharing of industry experiences; a listening ear. You might have some very specific knowledge / experience / skills that someone else is looking for.

The WGGB staff and committee members can point you at the WGGB guidelines and agreements, which apply to all writers, not just members. We can also make sure that our WGGB to-do lists contain the things that you care about the most.

We can all share ideas for stuff we can do to support everyone, small stuff or big stuff, wherever we are willing and able.

Bring your needs, bring a willingness to share, and bring your own coffee cup if you want to help save the planet.

We're delighted to also be inviting UK-based members of our sister union, the Dramatists' Guild of America, into the room. It feels extra important right now that we are all connected up around the world.

Whether you write books, comedy, theatre, film, online, poetry, radio, TV, video games... or would like to have a go at any of those, no matter what experience you have, tons or none at all, do come along and hang out, get some support, help someone else - be prepared to be surprised by what you get out of the event.

Really looking forward to seeing you there!

This event is fully wheelchair-accessible. More details of building access are available here. WGGB are providing 2 BSL interpreters. If you require BSL interpretation, please do let us know so that D&D can book more if needed. We welcome neurodivergent participants.



Booking for this event has now closed.