11 December 2013


D&D Satellite: What Are We Going To Do About Supporting & Developing Puppetry In The UK?


Grand Hall, Battersea Arts Centre

Puppet Centre, supported by BAC


Invitation from Linda Lewis & Louise Alexander at Puppet Centre:

What is the future of puppetry in the current creative environment where anyone can be an artist and get their work seen (good, bad, and ugly!) on a global digital platform?

How does work created in the UK compare to international work and what can we learn from other countries?

Are you frustrated that work from the UK is rarely programmed in festivals abroad?

How are you (the puppeteers, makers, directors, performers and artists), making work right now, and how can Puppet Centre best enable and inspire you?

Puppet Centre will be 40 years old next year. During our lifetime we have endeavoured to keep abreast of changes in the art form, anticipate the next wave of puppetry and support its growth as best we can. We are a unique organisation offering assistance to artists at all levels and stages of their careers.  We act as a broker introducing parties to one another whilst matching your needs, skills and levels of engagement. We strive to be a hub for puppetry in the UK, where our expertise and knowledge provide a good all-round base from which to give advice and guidance.

We love how open, creative and inspiring all forms of puppet and object theatre can be. It reaches such a wide audience, sometimes without the audience even realising they are watching puppets. We want to know how you feel about this, and what Puppet Centre can do to continue to ensure puppetry remains on the map both in the UK and internationally.

The landscape is changing both in terms of funding and the way in which art is created, and it is time for us to think to the future. We want to shape and design an organisation which is fit for purpose to deliver what puppeteers, directors, makers and professional performers need in the development of their work. 

We need your help to discover how Puppet Centre can be ahead of the game in order to support the puppetry of the future. We also want to hear about what excites, frustrates and inspires you about puppetry and Puppet Centre. Come join the conversation on Wednesday 11th December, 6:30 - 10 pm at BAC.


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