So here’s my question:

  • How come we’re all suddenly storytellers?
  • And why is storytelling such a big deal right now?

I’d like to invite you to an Open Space exploration of stories, storytelling, storytelling-theatre, theatrical storytelling, and all the messy spaces in between.

  • What does ‘storytelling’ mean, anyway?
  • What stories should we be telling?
  • What stories aren’t we telling?
  • Are theatres only interested in stories they already know?
  • Are audiences?
  • Is storytelling just an excuse for slashing budgets and comfy escapism?

And we all know that storytelling isn’t just for kids, don’t we?

  • Seriously … don’t we?

I'm not interested in being divisive, exclusive or precious. There are loads of creative people out there being compelled, energised and inspired by traditional tales, by new (old?) ways of sharing stories, and by the simple (complicated?) knack of spinning a yarn. And that’s amazing.

I do want to make a space for us to meet each other, talk to each other, and dream up new ways to co-operate, challenge ourselves and innovate. Maybe we’ll even figure out what that damn word actually means. (Though I wouldn’t count on it.)

So come along. Pack a basket with bread, cakes and wine. Stray off the path. (Watch out for wolves.) Start a new adventure.

Once upon a time, it was today …

Stephe Harrop


Booking for this event has now closed.