Why Netflix is the better option?
- in comfort of own home
- much cheaper price for subscription; have to pay hefty amount to watch a single play (on top of transport fees) whereas Netflix gives you a wide choice of options without moving an inch
- not forced to conform to audience etiquette if you're at home watching Netflix (ie - can lay down/move about, can react verbally to action)
- Netflix offering a much more diverse, challenging, open works. On the other hand, seems to be a lack of this in theatre.

How can we keep young people involved?
- Introduce pass for young people, paying a monthly rate, which allows unlimited free entry to theatres (Amsterdam there is stage pass)
- Using theatre tickets as a buss pass for the day (also running in Amsterdam)
- Changing the way we watch and interact with theatre; merging concert/gig style into theatre (ie - allow audience memners to stand up and move)
- Audiences that contain young people only - young people relaxed performances
- Streaming theatre? Liver - company working on VR theatre, can we engage young audience through more techy theatre

Conclusions of discussion
- Theatre needs to change or it is in danger of being left behind whilst Netflix continues to boom
- Theatre 'etiquette' and audience engagement needs to change
- Something needs to be done about the price of going to see theatre
- The UK is seriously behind its counterparts in Europe in terms of theatre development