Andy Harmon, 17 January 2017

Aches / Noises / Panic / Grumbling / Fear / memory / Anxiety

Thinking about dying

Going with the time.

Time goes quickly

Physical weakness / shaking

My auntie Pearl - Preparing for age when younger, she bought a mobility scooter long

before she needed to. Preparing for the inevitable.

When you get old, “Time” changes its value. It really means something now.

Who can do that? Teaming up with others.

Looking after each other (communal arrangements)

Generational expectations

Importance of companionship…


This means you find meaning in giving as well as taking. Relationship works both


How do we reclaim the status of Eldership.

Think of the terms we use. “Oldster”, “Pensioner”, “Old Folks” when words like “Elder”

means we have a function - like Mentors. We have some wisdom. How do we share

that? How do we use that, despite the fears and limitations?

Various Improbable Projects with Older Performers (Actors and ‘non actors’.

“I have a friend, who at the age of 83 wanted to learn to be a Stand Up Comedian. So

she studied!”

Seeking / Learning

Mentor / Student

Having a functional role “The Crone - wise woman”

Belonging to something worthwhile.

Can keep on working in the Arts

Age is not as relevant as you may think… Maybe the internet has changed things - I,

Andy, published my first book at the age of 69!

Consciousness is changing. Dance Companies, Acting Companies for elders.

No doubt, the body goes! Do we, as performers and creators have to be determined

by this?

Note from Facilitator: My apologies to all those who took on this topic that I didn't

capture all the ideas that were emerging. Neither did I write down the names of the

people in the group! But, anyone who was there and wants to contribute further, or

maybe contradict or fill out my account, Please comment!


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