Here is the Bun Dance as invented by a group of fairies amidst the intense conversations happening all around at D&D 2024 Leeds.

This particular bun dance contains fifteen currents and we managed to invent nine which would take us up to a natural break in the performing of the dance, at which point we would eat buns, or depending on context make buns. You are very welcome to invent the remaining six currents to complete the Bun Dance 15 version. This is the first bun dance, to our knowledge to have been invented in the world and it opens up to infinite variations ie bun dance 1 which contains one current right through to bun dance 100 which contains 100 currents - you get the picture.

1. join hands in circle and send currents through your arms adding a sound if you wish like the sound of wind

2. then we go into YUM/YUM/YUM (the transition from current one to two is quite tricky) which we perform in style of YMCA ie making the body shapes of YUM and on the third YUM which is the body shape of "M" we all move one step anticlockwise.

3. This transitions into "Awesome" which is said in unison while bringing your knee up to touch your elbow and you do this one to your right and one to your left as if you are greeting the people on each side of you with an "Awesome". You can sustain this for as long as you like

4. This transitions into a coming into a tighter circle where are fingers are slightly spidery and witchy and almost touching each others fingers and the "awesome" transforms into "or some" where we are trying to work out the ingredients of the bun. The sound of "or some" then transforms into a rising "mmmmmmmmmm"

5. The "mmmmmmm" takes us out back into a wider circle still facing each other and the fingers are moving to “ah ah ah ah, ah” very light – as if you are sprinkling hundreds and thousands over your bun

6. this can transform very easily into a crying over a burnt bun – not sur what the movement is here

7. This then goes into sharp hand chops- chopping off the burnt pieces of bun to the sound of ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah at which point we transform into monkeys and turn around and walk out of the circle

8. We get a certain distance away from each other before coming back into the centre backwards and we do the bum dance – which is we wiggle/massage our bottoms together making a ooooh, mmmm, oooh, mmm sound

9. linking hands so we are all connected, we make a curly wurly shape without breaking physical contact while singing “curly, curly, curly” using the whole range of pitches available to us in the group. This curly chorus comes to a rising climax to mark the end of part one and an intermission for buns.

Remember this is a dance of resistance - resisting the corrosive affect of austerity