Questions that were brought to the session:
> How do we feel safe in our processes?
> How do we create safe spaces?

We discussed at length instance where people in the group experiences Antisemitism (before and after October 7th), and lack of understanding or empathy towards them during these difficult times.
We all have memories of events that we have experienced on a personal level that have SHAKEN and / or SURPRISED us.
Many didn't think they will ever encounter / have to navigate Antisemitism (British Jews and Israelis alike).

>How do we get people to understand? ---> understand what? ---> The impact of their words. The fact we feel threatened and scared.

I AM NOW SILENT in any theatre room ---> many have shared their self-censorship and avoidance of engaging in professional spaces due to fear of being intimidated.

The philosophy of theatre is exploration ---> Why have people lost the ability to explore? To ask questions?

> How do you deal with a conflicting situation, in a creative process / professional context, that has to do with Antisemitism / Israel / the war?
Leave it for a while, let the emotional turmoil settle.
Go back to it at a later date "can we have a coffee?" ---> listen first, then talk.
Try not to leave a conflict unresolved (we all agreed that's easier said than done, and has to take into account your mental health).
Thoughts and feelings about these suggestions:
1. Other people dismissing our fears.
2. Feeling apprehensive to even begin the conversation.
3. Feeling that others won't listen.

>What do we do? How do people take care of themselves to feel more safe and sane?
People shared their methods:
1. "Trying to engage in more Jewish events to keep myself sane. It fills me up." ---> A sense of community, being together.
2. To keep me safe & sane, I prefer to discuss Antisemitism LESS.
3. I need to be kind to myself, I don't need to read everything (news, social media posts).
4. Sometimes I struggle to find the words, and then I read something that speaks to me.
5. Grounding myself: "Where am I? What am I here to do? What do I engage with?"
6. Deleting things that come through in messages (after reading them), so that I don't keep going back to it, looking at it and re-engaging with it. For my mental health.
6. Unfollow on social media. Being proactive rather than scared.
7. I don't watch the news.

>Where are people getting their information from? What news do you read?

Things are becoming more divisive.
People hesitate to say they're Jewish.
"I assume people will hate me" ----> "Why don't you assume the opposite?"

The right people will come to us.

Thank you to everyone who took part! <3