Someone in the group stated that it takes 3.5% of a population to create a successful rebellion. Someone else did some mental arithmetic to state that this is around 2million people in the UK. (Population of UK 66 million, 3.5% = 2.3 million)

Here's a load of comments that followed:

Key questions seemed to be How & What?

6.5million people signed a petition regarding the Brexit vote. Nothing happened. Does the thing, the act of rebellion need to be stronger than a petition? Power of disruption. What's the tipping point which gets people mobile. Look at Hong Kong. There is power in disruption. Extinction Rebellion protest was divisive but effective.

There is something unifying in the specific question. We're all divided on Brexit, or our specific views about responding to Brexit, however many people unified about being angry and concerned about the proroguing of parliament.

What are the templates to copy - Arts Emergency looked at the model of the Old Boys Network to subvert and create 'the alternative old boy network' - resulting in social change and a handover of privilege. What other templates of change...

Can we create our own secret society? Secret hand gesture. MONOCLE EYE.

Be funnier than Boris Johnson. Charm people and avoid worthiness

Reveal truth through disguise. Using Comedy, music..

Idea to begin daily disruption with a daily action that 'technically speaking isn't illegal'. Funny, disruptive, legal things to repeatedly do to protest the proroguing, until it is overturned. Attempt to spread the idea to happen on a massive scale.

Another idea - someone has written a Boris Johnson rap... will track down a costume and make a video..

What else and what else... SECRET SOCIETY OF DISOBEDIENCE. Look out for the monocle.


Idea to gather 2million people together by targeting people heavily involved in a community or respected, and getting them to mobilise X amount of people, those groups meeting up. 2000 community groups, bringing together 1000 people creates 2million... or broken down even more into community groups of 100... successful protest movements mobilised with grime artists influencing their followers etc. Labour members are 1/2 million.

Or are there movements which were less top down. Connect with everyone of your neighbours, who then connect with a community outside the street who connect to all of their neighbours... build grassroots up.

Use basic PR - share a simple positive story. Be clear on the why - sell a movement on that. Information which makes sense.

Extinction rebellion: clear information sharing of facts. Clear about what it is we're protesting.

Roles for everyone. Delegation. Everyone feeling a sense of being needed.

Clear strategy. Clear on what you're asking for - 3 practical things that are being asked of.