Report by Roz

Fears of things getting worse after Brexit & ordinary  people blaming each other for it across age,ethnicity,religious.geograhical divides etc. Country seems more divided than ever ,spike in racially,reliigiously motivated crimes etc

Positive practice of schools helping young people to practice mindfulness- bringing them together to talk to each other- not trying to make them agree but to learn how to listen to each other. Value of face to face conversations. Possibly replicate that with adults- commiting to take discussion of Brexit /Remain out ofconversations but instead concentrating on the things that matter to them eg housing,

Everyone can understand fear,but often there is not the time to delve into the back story that created the fear. Respect free speech if it does not harm others- but some things have to be resisted.

Understand the cycle of history that we are all caught up in all over the world – the need in a globalised economy ,climate change etc  for a different type of governance & the grieving ,anger & denial process that goes with this See the Simpol Solution- this could be put into artistic  form. Also need to reach out across the world around things that really matter.