The aim of Future Forward is to create a theatre event that uses open space to envision 2050 and how we made it liveable.
We are pitching this project to Improbable as a DnD Satellite Event.
Read on for further details on other ideas we explored in our session.

The Future Forward Theatre Collective could should be:

- for and with the community
- involving professional/non professional performers
- use Open Space to create/rehearse (could be a 2.5 day "process" with a sharing at the end? OR one afternoon or an evening or even jus tone hour?)
- climate activism
- mobile, pop-up theatrical actions
- amorphous, not linked to a building
- engaging with a changing world
- outward looking (focussed on external events, engaging with the public/audience, responsive)
- getting the audience involved in creating it (group movement, sound, etc. - things that people can continue themselves)
- sense of urgency, engaged art
- rapped response and more sustained response
- making the shows of the future
- hope & imagination (Imagine 2050 and how we have turned things around => envisioning and opening a dialogue about how we get there)
- speculative fiction
- thinking bigly (this is a term from another theatre event that is currently happening)
- throwing out idea generation to the audience

How do we make it happen?
- pitch it to Improbable/DnD as a satellite event?
- speak to Take @BAC?
- Oxford School of Climate Change (as an event for next term)?
- climate neutral venues such as Arcola, Royal Court?
- Extinction Rebellion?