A sense of achievement is a feeling.

Feelings of achievement can include
- knowing that my instincts are on point
- feeling restful / at peace
- feeling empowered
- a sense of peace from other things
- looking back at something with a sense of surprise and thinking: "Oh, that was ok!"

Achievement can also be
- a real sense of connection with a group of people / feeling understood
- impact and knowing that you've made a difference

It might be be useful to
- distinguish between achievement, completion and validation (all three are different!)
- set non-specific and achievable goals (i.e. goals that define what you want to achieve but not how you are going to get there; the example we discussed was "Can the show smell nice?")
- follow Disney's three room system (the team goes 1. into the dreaming room; 2. into the practical room; 3. into the challenge room and then repeats the sequence again and again until the feeling in all 3 rooms is the same).

Tanja, Steven, Kip, Melissa, David, Jen, Lloyd, Rachel, Matthew, Sibylla, Rebecca and some others contributed to this session. It was called by me, Arne Pohlmeier ([email protected]).