By Tim Davy, 6 June 2015

How can we better develop the connection between main stage and education/participation work?
Is there a stigma attached to participation work from an audiences perspective that means they don't attend performances with this at its heart? Do audiences fear it will be of lesser quality therefore not want to risk wasting their valuable money?

How do we better encourage family audiences (e.g. Family related to children in education performances) to come to main stage performances?

Some good examples...
Garsington “Opera for All” - local children creating films and work around Cosi to be shown alongside streamings / filmed performances of the opera performances
LSO “Monster in the Maze” - Jonathan Dove opera co-commissioned by LSO, Berlin Phil, Aix Festival, featuring local community and youth choirs, student and professional musicians
Mahogany Opera “brundibar (bumblebee)” - working with 100 local children at each venue on touring production

Education work is valuable - it brings resources into organisation

Breaking down the barriers/stigma

Some schools won't attend performances that may include adult themes/references, but these productions are valuable and should be accessible to all. Self preservation of headteachers?

Do educators shy away from using opera in schools because of the elitist tag, or they are afraid to manipulate it for their own purposes, which they are more willing to do with musicals or plays?

How can we get secondary schools to engage with immersive creative projects in a way that it is easier to get primary schools to do?

Some aspirations
Opera on the syllabus - e.g. Billy Budd as a GCSE music or performing arts set work Every child (or person?) to participate in an opera
Engaging young people in tech and production aspects of performances (work experience opportunities?)
For policy makers to understand links between work skills and education in the arts An extracurricular opera club every school
School editions of operas (like you get for musicals) that could be performed (with support from local opera companies)
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