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Things to do after an Open Space to sustain the changes

barbara Kozok - 13 October 2012




This session was suggested by Adriana Diaz-Berrio.
The people who atendend were Jean-Francois, Mirija, Anna Carolina, Roma, Rick, Reinder Schonewille and Adriana

I asked the group if they would like to tray what an action learning group (Le groupe de codeveloppement professionnel) is, because I think this approach could be very hepfull in supporting a follow up process after doing an OS in a group or an organization.
I told them that if we do this experience they need to suspend momentarily the law of the two feet because we will be doing together a six step process in which they will have a role to play as a client or as consultants. The necessary time was around 45-55 minutes.
Normally the information shared during this process is confidential and the same people meet every time.
The group accepted and we started deciding who will be the client of this group.
To chose the client every one had the chance to explain shortly was his professional situation was at the moment. After listening to each situation the group votes and choses this way what situation to address.
The client is person that will ask the help of the group.
The rest of the participants are the consultants and their role is to help the client defining what his need is and respond to this need as much as they can do it.
The process has six step.
The first step
The client explained her situation.
She works with a group of women and her boss has some expectations that are not exactly the same that the needs of this group that she works with are at least at this moment.
And she wants to know how she can better help the group she works with.
Step 2
The consultants asked several questions to the client so they can understand her situation and this questions help her have also a better understanding of her needs in this situation.
Step 3
The client asks a specific help from the group.
To do this she phrases her request in a short sentence and the consultants show that they have understand by refrasing the same idea in their own words but this mandate was not so simple to define in a few words
Step 4
The consultants give their ideas to help the client.
As one person proposes one idea the next person build up on that first idea.
The suggestions were very concrete as
Having a communication every week with this group,getting some one to be a model to inspire this group, finds ways to help this group to address what is their real priorities before proposing other alternatives that may be are as important but less urgent.
Step 5
The client explained to the group was her action plan was after listening to all the different suggestions that were proposed to her. She said that she needed to have a new conversation with her boss
Step 6
All the participants shared what they had learned during this session.
One said that not being able to leave the group (using the two law feet) was hard for her, an other said that this training was difficult in this context ( an OS)
An other person of the group said they learned how the collective result of the process was made with everybody's contributions.
Someone said that this process seamed that could be useful to support projects in a medium term basis.
Someone said that the process of naming the need and the request for the group is a very difficult step but at the same time it is very important.
To facilitate this explanation Adriana wrote this steps
1. Presentation of the situation
2. Clarification questions
3. Madate for the group. Defining what is requested to the group
4. Consultant's reactions
5. Client Action plan
6. Each person naming their learnings
The purpose was to share this tool and then be able to talk all together about why this could or could not be a positive way to sustain the projects that result from an OS but what happened is that we ran out of time, we could not keep discussing more.



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