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Movement and MICHA

Cathy Albers - 14 July 2012




The group met to discuss the future of a movement track within the MICHA conferences. The discussion was wide-ranging and we ultimately had 12 people participate. Deborah Robertson and Liz Shipman were the conveners.
The discussion centered around the idea that to create the whole actor, movement needs to be given the same focus as the various “acting” classes. David Zinder has done this in the past but there are many different approaches and ways to integrate. We need to fully integrate and engage the actor and too often the disciplines are separated, when in reality, the actor needs this sort of integrated training. The strong consensus of the group was that what we would like to see is a commitment from MICHA to to consider offering a movement“track” every year at the conferences. We realize the difficulty of this but it could be done in many different ways. We began this year with the morning meditation, the warm-up, and the sacred nap. The response was excellent and the group would like to see this expanded. MICHA does such a wonderful job of helping all of us explore the Technique that this seems a natural extension of that approach. It certainly follows the idea of creative individuality, which is so important to us all. This would enhance the pedagogy through the vocal training, as well.
The goal of the movement approach would be to fully embrace and engage in the Michael Chekhov Technique. Training the whole artist in a body mind track brought a new movement technique into the discussion, Body Weather, which was introduced by Joyce Lu. It was a great session and we were grateful for this opportunity to discuss these important ideas.
Along with Deborah and Liz, in attendance were Cathy Albers who typed these notes so all edits can be referred to me!, Jane Knox, Maricina Zaccaria, Joyce Lu, Janice Orlandi, Suzanne Bennett, Ediana Souza, Ellie Heyman, Aein Morati, and Linda Kleppinger. Jessica joined us at the end of the session and was helpful in clearing up a couple of issues.




Marcina Zaccaria

17 July 2012

I enjoyed attending this convening at MICHA's Theater of the Future conference.

I often think - what does it mean to be ‘in shape"? When working with other theater practitioners, it is important to recognize new techniques. In terms of movement, some of us might be skilled at Williamson, perhaps, while others might have a specialty in Alexander. I gain perspective when I hear about different specialties. With a different angle, I am sometimes inspired to bring new ideas into my daily practice.

Finding ways to integrate acting, voice, and movement can be joy rather than a challenge. I think it’s important not to forget administration, as it is a discipline that can get left behind in the creative process. Spending several hours at the computer working on stage management or marketing makes me a more articulate artist, even if the articulation presents itself in a movement rehearsal or when I'm directing a full length play.

Liz Shipman

17 July 2012

FYI: Liz's last name is Shipman, not Shipley…
Christopher Estevez

18 July 2012

The ‘issues’ Cathy mentions I cleared up related to questions about how MICHA sees itself offering comprehensive training to attendees. We offer a certificate of completion to all who complete 5 workshops (3 summer and 2 teacher workshops). This cannot be done in less than 3 years. Full details about the reasons the MICHA board voted to continue on this course and not a program which certifies individuals can be read in our newsletter archive at

also mentioned that there has been discussion among the MICHA faculty about how we don't always witness ‘full body’ engagement in classes and would like to increase the possibility for deeper physical engagement. Brief experiments with Alexander technique, Body Mind Centering and what Zinder has called ‘pre-Chekhov’ work has happened -can more be done? Shall we pool from resources within the MICHA community? Shall we reach outside to a teacher less familiar with MICHA and the Chekhov technique?
Jessica Cerullo

18 July 2012

Jessica Cerullo made the above comments about MICHA's certificate of completion program and “full body” discussion. Not Christopher as it is currently posting…
james clark

28 August 2012

Here is the information is provided about the future of the books and really it is great issue and topic to discuss and it is nice to comment here.
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