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Brilliant Arts Administrators or What/Who will do my job? I'm having a baby!

Jessica Cerullo - 16 July 2012




Convener: Jessica Cerullo
in the backyard
In attendance: Lionel Walsh, Cathy Albers, Rebecca Rich, Caitlin Goldie, Christina Bryson, Suzanne Bennett, Rena Radulovic, Christopher Estevez, Rena Polley, Kristine Gilreath, Thais with her camera and others.

white folding chairs placed in a kind of circle, one large green beach recliner all in the shade of the trees. Jessica, 6 and a half months pregnant, reclines in the green chair, the others rest in the white chairs. The conversation that follows ambles… snippets of advice, stories, offerings of assitance.

Jessica has a photo copied piece of paper listing all of the tasks she currently does for MICHA that she will no longer be able to manage after December. People are invited to take a copy and look it over as we talk.

Rena says: You know when you get on an airplane and they tell you to put the oxygen on yourself first and after to put it on your child? That is my advice. Yourself first, then your marriage, then the child. This is a year of polarity. Oxygen is your creativity. It is your artist practice and your manicure, pedicure.

Lionel says: MICHA needs a “web maintenance person”
Hire someone who can deal with any technical difficulty from the website.

Cathy recommends that MICHA look for a pro bono organization who can be a consultant on our organizational behavior and analysis. She has a nephew, he knows someone and will email jessica the info. Ask MICHA's pro bono lawyer, he may have a suggestion.

Kristine offers to help MICHA in any way she can. She is a trained stage manager.

Day care discussion:
Cathy: Case Western Reserve University has a drop in emergency day care for faculty and staff. If you suddenly don't have child care and need to teach your class or get to rehearsal you can take your child to this place and they will be cared for.

Lionel: Some Universities have early childhood education programs.

Mara: I have a general impulse to help MICHA. I don't know what I would do. As I look at the list I am not sure but the impulse to help if there.

Becca: I'm happy to help - specifically with the summer workshop.

Cathy: I directed plays when I had my children.

Jessica: Did you bring your child into the rehearsal room with you?

Cathy: Yes.

Jessica: Do you think it entirely unprofessional to breast feed during rehearsal?

Cathy: I didn't do it but I know people who did and who do.

Someone suggests that a theater department culture is different from others. More possibility of acceptance. Children are welcome in the theater.

Christopher offers to help with grant writing.

Caitlin offers that she will be living in nyc and could check the po box or do things in which it is necessary to have a presence in nyc.

Someone says that with birth it is best to be prepared to be surprised. Open Space all the way with child birth!

Lionel suggests to contact Nancy Erikson who runs her own business by coordinating ATHE and ASTR annual conferences. Nancy is not a theater person but she understands how organizations work and is talented and has a passion for organizing. Her contact info is neriksn@aol(dot)com

Another option is CCC Conference Connection Chicago Carol: ckuc@cccmeetings(dot) com

Both of these organizations are on site at a conference but they don't have anything to do with the content they just helping to manage and run the support structure.

Mara says that one of the things that makes MICHA so special is the warmth that one meets when interacting with MICHA. There is no ‘business’ feeling. This seems essential and it is playful.

Suzanne: I took care of my child while acting. I was very torn in rehearsal. I lost an acting job because the theater wouldn't house me and my family.

Someone says that people in the theater community were very enthusiastic about their child and willing to help with everything but that enthusiasm was not supported in any reality. They discovered that there was no ‘real help’ unless it was paid for. Take care, plan ahead, set it up.





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