Propositions (Proposition for a Silence Walk with Robert Wilson, Proposition for a Conversation about Silence with Wittgenstein)

Propositions (Proposition for a Silence Walk with Robert Wilson, Proposition for a Conversation about Silence with Wittgenstein)

Li-E Chen - 22 May 2016

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Convener(s): Li E Chen
Participants: Lynn-Maria
Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations: -

This is an report about my experiment with DandD24/7, open space and with my art project -'n-1'.

Records of the event:

3.55pm 13 degrees 14th May 2016 traveling to Clapham Junction Square 167/meeting 4.30pm Lynn-Marie 2nd participant n-1 2016 We do not know what to expect and what we will do. Proposition 3/14 and 4/14 (from Lynn-Marie in responding to ‘n-1’ invitation) #‎nminus1‬ ‪#‎space‬ ‪#‎time‬

Proposition from Lynn-Marie:

3/14 and 4/14
invitations to walk and talk
to silence and stillness
to an open potential
to nothing at all
to nothing
to all
to all
to nothing
to nothing at all
to an open potential
to silence and stillness
invitations to walk and talk
3/14 and 4/14

Reported by Lynn-Marie:
The journey to Clapham (North) began at 3.00 the previous day with missed stations and frustration to see an art show for another project, a poetry project on mimetic desire, and ended at Clapham Common at 7.30 on May 14th.

Put in mind of Clapham’s distance, lateness recurred the following day and the journey observations were written on the train:
A bright gold wedding ring
The sound of a baby crying
An assumption it is the same
child as waited on
a hanging carrier on his
assumed fathers chest whilst

the small miniature poodle
sat in the buggy.
It does not sound like the
baby crying on the last
train, and now it has stopped
as the light and shade moves
through the windows.
The baby sounds again,
it is not crying it is sounding.
Reminded of the DLR train
coming into Woolwich at one point
‘Britain’s busiest railway station’
Woman with a magenta hat
and black made up and looking eyes.

Clapham Junction at around 5.00pm - outside Paperchase

Li waited for Lynn who was astounded by Li’s patience and the walking and talking began after sorting confusions of maps and propositions, easy in person, persons, togetherness. The invitation took them, speaking of the vagaries of familiarity to Battersea Art Centre, whist walking and talking and moments of silence and stillness in big grey comfy chairs beside an installation unexperienced and the difficulties of map making, continued down the Lavender Road of open potential past cherry trees late blossoming in conversation without end. Nothing at all ensued by Clapham Common and nothing saw the Sky sign under the sky and the bus without passengers or destination. On along the path to the wisteria to all the conversation that made up the afternoon to nothing of particular interest which is everything to nothing at all of more moments of their past lives to an open potential which included ‘walk the walk’ and pink ladies, to silence and stillness wherein people played games on the green of the grass under the blue of the sky and life continued unbidden and uncontrolled rolling on into invitations to walk and talk as walking and talking occurred and the photos were taken of smiles and recordings made of the propositions which were said, not undertaken and the proposition which was followed, joyfully, almost to the letter, with thanks, farewell and no goodbye passing into the tunnels and steps of Clapham Common tube. See you again in the Silence if not before.

My breaking news:

I discovered we often make our assumptions about other people which are not facts.
I discovered ‘life passing in frame’ (the duration) when Lynn-Marie suggested when we had a short moment of silence toward the end of our walk at Clapham Common park.
Our conversation lasted for about two hours, we read the propositions again and recorded on the phone before we said goodbye.
We discovered what 3/14 and 4/14 are.
3/14 (Proposition for a Silence Walk with Robert Wilson ) and 4/14 (Proposition for a Conversation about Silence with Wittgenstein)
Wilson and Wittgenstein don’t want interpretation
I hope to create my work ‘n-1’ that speak for itself without the need of interpretation too.

Thank you so much to Lynn-Marie for taking part in my experiment.

This is part of my ‘n-1’ experimental site-specific art project, supported using public funding by Arts Council England.
For more information, please read my invitation:
How can one speak about nothingness and silence?
On Saturdays from 7 May - 22 October 2016
via here!participation/c4ac or View invitation in PDF

Please email if you would like to receive the invitation by post or take part ’n-1’.

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ADD A D&D 24/7


How can we trust art organisations wanting to support independent artists/inventors Living off your art