Dear Theatre Community, 

I'm writing on behalf of THE ATTIC Costume collective. THE ATTIC is an initiative Mike Lees and myself, two busy working designers set up in Feb 2017. Our aim is to combat costume waste and lack of resource sharing in the performance industries. We are currently housed at the Silver Building near Canning Town. Unfortunately due to building work we need to vacate the premises by the 1st August. I have contacted many theatres, rehearsal spaces and organisations to find space but haven't found anything. I've looked into industrial lets but as we take up approx 700sqft and growing it's just not financially viable. So I've started organising giving the stock away but if there's any chance anyone has a space that could save it, we'd love to hear from you.

THE ATTIC came about as a personal frustration, I had hordes of costumes ending up in my attic due to companies not having space and simply not thinking about the afterlife of costumes. When reaching out to other designers I found this to be a common problem. We decided it would be better to pool our resources and create an accessible and economical costume store available to all designers. 
In our first year we've built a large store of costumes with donations from the National Theatre, The Arcola, Theatre Royal Stratford East, The Globe, RADA and many more from individual designers and fringe companies.Frustratingly we've also had offers of great stock from Hackney Empire and NYT that we've had to turn down due to lack of space. We have a growing community of designers and companies benefiting from our services. Several productions using our store have been nominated for offies in costume design and we were nominated for The Stage 2018 Award for sustainability.
 All this we've done with zero funding, as a designer I'm basically clueless about where money comes from. I have had several unhelpful conversations with the Arts Council who aren't at all interested in the idea and most other funding we could apply for requires a charitable status, which is a long process that doesn't help our immediate needs. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you have any ideas, or if you're interested in stock please feel free to call me as any action needs to be pretty urgent. 
Sarah Booth-  077861770