This year Improbable turns 21 – and we’re having a party.

On 29 October, we’ll take over one of our favourite buildings – Toynbee Studios on Commercial Street in London – for a celebration of the last two Improbable decades and a peek ahead to the future.

The party starts at 5pm with tea, cake and conversation, before you’re invited to roam the building where each room will contain a piece of the Improbable puzzle – sellotape to singing, BambinO to Beasts, new ideas to old favourites. You can explore the history of Improbable with curiosities and curious from our shows; rummage through archive and catch clips from our favourites; or create something new, like an Animo-style puppet to add to the collection. At 7.30pm Lee and Phelim will present a truly Improbable performance in the theatre; plus there’ll be a welcome drink courtesy of Sipmith’s Gin, bagels, bhajis, a good old dance, and a few other surprises along the way.

We’d be thrilled if you could join us.

Find out more and book your ticket over at Improbable.