In response to some incidents and experiences at D&D 13, we held a satellite D&D on being a better ally

One of the things we said we'd do following that was to create a platform for past and future participants to share skills, ideas, tactics and etiquette that will help the room to stay open, and will support participants to have the difficult conversations as well as the fun.

You can find this platform in the form of a dedicated D&D wiki. A wiki is editable by anyone. You can log in and anonymously add whatever is useful for you or that you think might be useful for others. We imagine that could be:

  • Information about terminology when discussing trans, disability or racial issues
  • Points of etiquette / requests around behaviour
  • Techniques, tools or processes for having difficult conversations or managing hotspots
  • Ideas and experiences of ways to convene/hold sessions

And of course - whatever else is important for you that we haven't thought of.

Here is the wiki: