Call out to all artists who want to join tomorrow’s protest outside Downing Street at 2.30pm. Use tomorrow to see what’s needed / what we can add as artists. (See below)

Contacts are Anabel: 07954335737 and Sasha: 07449607706 (please only share numbers with regards to tomorrow).

We spoke about marrying street art and ‘taking to the streets’ to evoke change in those who aren’t initially part of the rebellion. – to hold up a ‘mirror’ of what’s happening.

Can art make ideas and the protesting more FUN and accessible?
Can we use kids’ attention spam as a barometer of how clear, simple and affective we are at illustrating the narrative. Maybe this will increase the longevity and sustainability of the impact and message.

Aim to get the non-artists on side – allowing a natural inquisitiveness to develop rather than shoving it down their throats … helping to broaden minds.


Can art within protest diversify the age range of inclusivity and let it be known that it is a safe environment for kids too. (non-violent protest).


- Visual art
- Music – gets people involved. (Tim Arnold Save Soho success). Suggestion of repurposing the lyrics to Women of the Working Class song.
- Needs to be flexible and spontaneous.
- Radical Acts of Kindness – good for media coverage too.


- Maybe the proroguing of parliament can actually unify the ‘leavers’ and ‘remainers’, the right and left etc.
- How do we speak to ‘the other side’ – treat it like an intervention with LOVE and DIGNITY in order to provoke a BIG CHANGE on BOTH SIDES.
Remove the label of ‘the decision’ from the individual (i.e someone isn’t a bad person because of a decision they’ve made) … they are not the decision.
- Open up the dialogue of being allowed to say ‘I was wrong’. Or ‘I’ve changed my mind!’.